A biography of william inge a playwright

His plays are some of the most prominent works of 20th century American theatre. His plays reflect his background, often depicting small-town life and frustrated relationships. For this, he was known as the "Playwright of the Midwest.

A biography of william inge a playwright

His boyhood home at N. His siblings were Lucy, Luther Jr. His father was a traveling salesman and Inge had a close relationship with his mother. Until the depression, Independence was said to have had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the country.

Although Inge was not from a well-to-do family, he did get to see many shows as a member of a local Boy Scout Troop. The troop met in the Civic Center, a ground floor meeting room of Memorial Hall, a large 2, seat theater where these shows were held. The scouts were regularly invited to sit in the balcony after their meetings to watch the performances.

The small town of Independence had a profound influence on the young Inge and he would later attribute his understanding of human behavior to growing up in this small town environment.

Inge would later use this knowledge of small town life in many of his plays, most of which revolve around characters who are clearly products of small towns like Independence. At that time the high school and college were located across the street from each other at 10th and Laurel streets.

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He said once that at this stage in his life he had wanted to plunge into Broadway but felt that he lacked the necessary funding. He later dropped out of Peabody. I was terribly confused. I went home to Kansas and began to flounder. He found physical exhaustion helpful and that summer worked as a laborer on the state highway.

After that he went to Wichita where he worked as a news announcer. Inhe moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where he worked as the drama and music critic for the St.

It was while he worked as a drama critic that Inge became acquainted with Tennessee Williams.

A biography of william inge a playwright

I went back to St. Inge returned to a teaching position at Washington University in St. Louis and began serious work on turning a fragmentary short story into a one act play.

This work evolved into a play that earned Inge the title of most promising playwright of the Broadway season. The play is set in a small Kansas town on Labor Day. Rosemary, the spinster school teacher fears she will continue to live her life without someone to take care of her.

A biography of william inge a playwright

Inge recalled the genesis of this character profile. There were three women school teachers living in the house.william inge William Inge’s Kansas boyhood is reflected in many of his works.

Born in Independence on May 3, , he was the second son of Luther Clay Inge and Maude Sarah Gibson-Inge and the youngest of five children. William Inge: William Inge, American playwright best known for his plays Come Back, Little Sheba (; filmed ); Picnic (; filmed ), for which he won a Pulitzer Prize; and Bus Stop (; filmed ).

Inge was educated at the University of Kansas at Lawrence and at . Interview One Playwright Takes On the Voices of William Inge and Tennessee Williams in New Memory Play.

Watch video · William Shakespeare (baptized on April 26, – April 23, ) was an English playwright, actor and poet who also known as the “Bard of . Biography for William Inge the Playwright, Author including canon of works, monologues, songs, scenes and quizzes.

Alternative Title: William Motter Inge William Inge, in full William Motter Inge, (born May 3, , Independence, Kan., U.S.—died June 10, , Hollywood Hills, Calif.), American playwright best known for his plays Come Back, Little Sheba (; filmed ); Picnic (; filmed ), for which he won a Pulitzer Prize; and Bus Stop (; filmed ).

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