An analysis of fantasy and reality in woody allens purple rose of cairo

The Purple Rose of Cairo

An analysis of fantasy and reality in woody allens purple rose of cairo

Adding even more drama, Gil Shepherd also, Jeff Danielsthe actor who performed the character Tom, swoops into town hoping to persuade Tom back into the movie, but he, too, falls in love with Cecelia.

With two identical men, but one real and one a film character, fighting for her love, Cecelia must pick between the two. In the end, she chooses reality, but, as Cecelia knows all too well, the real world can be bleak and punishing place. Yet, escapism is, perhaps, the most interesting, and certainly most apparent, theme.

In The Purple Rose of Cairo, the anti-heroine, Cecelia, relies heavily on the movies to escape her life, but when her fantasy world becomes her reality, she realizes escape is impossible, as escaping only exists because of reality; without reality there would be no need to escape.

Although miserable at times, reality is the only option and the escape into a fantasy world can never last. Had Cecelia been any closer she would have been hit, and likely killed, by the plummeting metal.

Cecelia spends her time fantasizing as an escape from the harsh reality of her world, but reality continues to pose the potential for difficult and unexpected misfortune. The audience continues on with Cecelia only to learn her oppressive, low-life of a husband treats her badly and sleeps around on her; moreover, Cecelia is terrible at her job waitressing.

An analysis of fantasy and reality in woody allens purple rose of cairo

Instead, she rambles on about movies stars: Inevitably, Cecelia is fired from the job, a financial blow as well as a personal letdown. How can Cecelia escape all the misery her life has in order?

Having already seen the film twice, Cecelia wanders back to the theatre after being fired; because she finds her life so devastating in this present moment, Cecelia must try escaping it through the movie.

But, sitting in the movie theatre all day does more than offer Cecelia an escape.

An analysis of fantasy and reality in woody allens purple rose of cairo

Not only is a dashing character now alive and smitten with her, but the actor who portrayed the character also turns up, and he too is smitten with Cecelia.

However, when this balance between reality and escape is disturbed for Cecelia, things become unstable. Without a balance, Cecelia must eventually decide between reality and fantasy, between Gil and Tom. Cecelia chooses reality, Gill, because that is the only option she has.

Escapes are wonderful, but they exist because we live in reality. No one can exist in an escape. Thus, Cecelia selects Gill. Moreover, Gill jilts Cecelia in the end, which was inevitable. He is more real than Tom, but she still holds on to the illusions of Gill that she has created in her head.

He is, of course, not the chivalrous and caring man she wished. Because her creation of Gill is also not real, he leaves her, which is the most authentic outcome Allen can produce for the character who chooses reality over fantasy.

In the conclusion, Cecelia returns to The Jewel. This ending recuperates this film by bookending it. Like the opening, Cecelia stands underneath the marquee, once again vulnerable to reality, such as a falling metal letter, and she looks on at The Jewel trying, again, to escape her miserable reality through the movies.

The ending brings the film full circle, allowing the audience to leave Cecelia exactly where they found her, and knowing her life will now continue as it always has, miserable, but with the possibility of escape at the movies.The Purple Rose of Cairo was the fourth Allen film to star Mia Farrow and only the second without Allen appearing in a role.

Some have said Allen's absence from the film was partly to blame for its lack of commercial success. The Purple Rose of Cairo Many messages can be derived from Woody Allen's success, "Purple Rose of Cairo". It is easy to see that this is one of Allen's more subdued films, and for good reason.

Sep 15,  · 15 September In short, Woody Allen‘s The Purple Rose of Cairo () is the story of a woman whose life is so depressing she depends on the magic of the movies to escape it.

Cecelia (), a woman who lives a rather miserable life during the Great Depression-ridden s, is a part-time waitress and full-time film fanatic, . At the crux of the actual film The Purple Rose of Cairo is the need to be able to separate fiction and reality, whether that reality is a horrible one or not.

Cecilia made the right choice (if for. The Purple Rose of Cairo In the film Purple Rose of Cairo, by Woody Allen, fantasy and reality are two very poignant themes.


However, through discussion, the class brought up points regarding fantasy being Tom Baxter, and reality being Gill Shepherd; my perspective was different. The Purple Rose of Cairo is a American romantic fantasy comedy film written and directed by Woody Allen, and starring Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, and Danny Aiello.

In s New Jersey, Cecilia (Farrow) is a downtrodden waitress with an abusive husband, .

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