Case study was outsourcing to india the right move

Management processes[ edit ] Globalization and complex supply chainsalong with greater physical distance between higher management and the production-floor employees often requires a change in management methodologies, as inspection and feedback may not be as direct and frequent as in internal processes. This often requires the assimilation of new communication methods such as voice over IPinstant messagingand Issue tracking systems, new time management methods such as time tracking softwareand new cost- and schedule-assessment tools such as cost estimation software.

Case study was outsourcing to india the right move

The growth over the past five years had been furious. Frustrated and concerned, Galbenski stepped back and began taking a hard look at his business. Could he get it back on the fast track?

We needed to blow right through that number. Clients called when dealing with large-scale litigation or complicated merger-and-acquisition deals, either of which can require as many as lawyers to manage the discovery process and the piles of documents associated with it.

Galbenski was counting on using the same strategy as he expanded into new cities. But would that be enough to spur the hypergrowth that he craved? At the time, Galbenski had been reading quite a bit about the growing use of offshore employees.

He knew companies like General Electric, Microsoft, and Cisco were saving bundles by setting up call and data centers in India. Law firms could offshore their work?

He imagined tapping into an army of discount-priced legal minds that would mesh with his existing talent pool in the U. The two work forces could collaborate over the Web and be productive on a basis.

Case study was outsourcing to india the right move

And the cost savings could be massive. Of course, there were big questions. Could he count on the quality of the work that came from overseas? Would language and cultural differences be a problem when it came to reviewing and coding documents for an upcoming trial?

Would licensing be an issue?

Case Study: Was Outsourcing to India the Right Move?, Law and Taxation Article |

Using offshore workers was a risk, but the payoff was potentially huge. It so happened that Galbenski and his eight-person management team were preparing to meet for their semiannual strategic review meeting.

Driving to the meeting, Galbenski struggled to figure out exactly what he was going to say. He was still undecided about whether to pursue an incremental and conservative national expansion or take a big gamble on overseas contractors.

Could the company really afford to go global? Could it afford not to? The Decision The next morning, Galbenski kicked off the management meeting.

When he saw the usually easygoing Galbenski pacing back and forth nonstop, he thought something was up. Like Blessing, Mark Adams was expecting a discussion about sparking U. He and Galbenski had chatted briefly about the prospect of outsourcing to India, but never very seriously.

So when Galbenski launched into a passionate talk about his vision for transforming Contract Counsel, and doing so immediately, Adams was stunned. Rather than look at just the next five years of growth, look at the next 20, he said.

He challenged his team to be pioneers in creating a new industry, rather than stragglers racing to catch up. Returning to the Royal Oak office after the meeting, Galbenski announced the change in strategy to his 20 full-timers. Then he and his team began plotting a global action plan.

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The first step was to hire a company out of Indianapolis, Analysts International, to start compiling a list of the best legal services providers in countries where people had comparatively strong English skills. The next phase was vetting the companies in person.

In Februaryjust three months after the meeting in Port Huron, Galbenski found himself jetting off on a three-month trip to scout potential contractors in India, Dubai, and Sri Lanka. Traveling to cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, he interviewed executives from more than a dozen companies, investigating their day-to-day operations firsthand.

India seemed like the best bet.

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With more than law schools and aboutlaw students graduating each year, it had no shortage of attorneys. What amazed Galbenski, however, was that thanks to the Web, lawyers in India had access to the same research tools and case summaries as any associate in the U. In other words, they were perfect for the kind of document-review work he had in mind.

After a return visit to India in AugustGalbenski signed a contract with two legal services companies: He also outsourced the maintenance of the database used to store the contact information for his thousands of contractors. In November, Galbenski lined up pilot programs with four clients none of which are ready to publicize their use of offshore resources.Find the level of service that works for you.

Each option includes access to Upwork’s large pool of top-quality freelancers. Choose the level of service you need. Treasury), suggested that the recent outsourcing to India cannot be validated through normal free trade arguments. They cite the shifting of high tech jobs, from radiologists.

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Welcome to Outsourcing Interaction! This is an analytical approach case study. Outsourcing is the most talked topic these days often referred to as the most important management development of the decade. It is based on a simple rule, if something is not the core competency of your company then.

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