Female discrimination in the labor force essay

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Female discrimination in the labor force essay

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Female discrimination in the labor force essay

Need a custom Essay? Check the price and Order Now! Although social stratification lies at the heart of macro-sociology, the study of gender and stratification is comparatively recent, and developed from feminist scholarship.

The traditional sociological view is that the oppression of women is adequately covered by class analysis. Feminist theory insists that the class structure, and the oppression of women within patriarchal systems, are separate but interacting social processes.

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Conventional class analysis treats all members of a household as having the same social class as the main breadwinner, who is usually a man. Empirical research has shown that the sex segregation of occupations, and the pay gap between men and women, cut across social classes in ways that vary from one society to another, and vary across time.

Occupational segregation and the pay gap develop and change independently within labor markets due to variations in female employment, anti-discrimination policies and other social policies — including family-friendly policies that have been counter-productive in their effects.

The feminist assumption that dual-earner and dual-career families would become universal after equal opportunities policies took effect has been proven wrong, even for ex-socialist countries. This diversity of female lifestyle choices produces a polarization of female employment profiles over the lifecycle, and is a major cause of rising income inequality between households in modern societies — as illustrated by income differences between dual-career childless couples and one-earner couples with several children to support.

Currently, female social stratification differs from male social stratification, because women have two avenues for achieving higher social status and class position — through the labor market or the marriage market.

Both are actively used by women, even today.

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Men rarely use the marriage market for advancement because the vast majority of women resist the idea of role reversal in marriage, with the woman as the main income-earner. Overall, stratification and inequality among women tends to be larger than among men. Oxford University Press, Oxford.Women In The Labour Force The increase in female participation started occurring during the 's.

This increase also caused the largest baby boom that the Canadian female labour force had ever witnessed 4 / Women In The Labour Force The increase in female participation started occurring during the 's.

Excerpt from Essay: Culture and Discrimination: Muslim Women and Hijabs the immigration policies changed and allowed for an increase in the labor force flow. More precisely, "due to a perceived demographic insufficiency and labor market needs, the French government.

System of Age and Gender Discrimination - Our society is facing a serious problem that is the age discrimination between women and men. In to white women made less than 60 % as much as white men.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, in , female full-time workers had median weekly earnings of $, compared to men's median weekly earnings of $ Women aged 35 years and older earned 74% to 80% of the earnings of their male counterparts.

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