God speaks in silence

Such is the nature of liturgy when it is celebrated with dignity — and peacefully. This is especially true after the consecration of each species, when, with a profound genuflection, he stops, permitting a pause of living quiet, which allows the faithful to wonder at the miracle that just took place.

God speaks in silence

For Janet Safford Cline, her poetry comes from a lifetime of loving words and putting them together to express her faith in Jesus Christ. A lifelong Christian, in her inspiring poetry collection, God Speaks to Me in Silence, she imagines biblical scenes and stories in the poems Shepherds, Temptations, and Why?

She gently pokes fun at Sundays-only Christians in Dear Bishop. Janet lived many years in the Texas Panhandle and recalls it lovingly in her poem In the Panhandle, and she ponders her life in several poems about her family and friends. For the last forty years, she has lived on the Texas Gulf Coast, complete with hurricanes and uncertain weather, all of which is reflected in God Speaks to Me in Silence.

God speaks to me in silence, never bombast or demand. The Lord of Lords is patient, always holding out his hand.

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I seldom take the time to sit and wait for his soft word, But I know Gods there and waits for me whatever has occurred. Its only when I quiet down I hear Gods wondrous voice. Gods always there to talk to me, but I have to make the choice.

God speaks to me in silence, when my mind is rapt and still, And its up to me to listen then to hear his perfect will.God speaks to us in many ways. He speaks to us through our various circumstances, through the people we meet, and through the Bible.

But it isn’t the words He speaks to us that causes our difficulty. Indeed, the significance of silence in our lives and liturgies was noted with gusto by Pope Benedict XVI in his Wednesday audience on March 7, the topic of which was “The Silence of Jesus.” Elsewhere, Mother Teresa tells us that “God speaks in the silence of the heart.”.

God speaks in silences, and only those who are quiet of heart can hear what he says. The underlying reality is that there is no friendship with God without silence. He Speaks in the Silence is the story of Diane Comer’s search for the kind of intimacy with God every woman longs for.

It is a story of trying to be a good girl, of following the /5(58).

God speaks in silence

Silence, in the most positive sense, is the environment and atmosphere, the sacred space, into which God speaks His Word, both to create the world and to save it from death and corruption. Further on in Old Testament tradition, silence becomes the medium for divine revelation.

God speaks in “Silence”

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