Historical investigation on ww2

There are a few reasons the building is so short. This was due, in part, to concerns over disrupting the scenic views to and from the Virginia site and Washington, D. There was also a more practical reason—the steel shortage already underway in a nation girding for war. Instead of steel, the building was built primarily of reinforced concrete,cubic yards of it.

Historical investigation on ww2

He served in the Pacific Theater in a labor battalion as a longshoreman and was promoted to sergeant. Attack and maiming[ edit ] On February 12,former U.

Army Sergeant Isaac Woodard Jr. When the bus reached a rest stop just outside Augusta, Woodard asked the bus driver if there was time for him to use a restroom. The driver grudgingly acceded to the request after an argument.

Woodard returned to his seat from the rest stop without incident, and the bus departed. Though Woodard had caused no disruption, the driver contacted the local police including Chief of Police Lynwood Shullwho forcibly removed Woodard from the bus. After demanding to see his discharge papers, a number of policemen, including Shull, took Woodard to a nearby alleyway, where they beat him repeatedly with nightsticks.

They then took Woodard to the town jail and arrested him for disorderly conductaccusing him of drinking beer in the back of the bus with other soldiers.

Historical investigation on ww2

Newspaper accounts vary on what happened next and accounts sometimes spelled his name as "Woodward"but author and attorney Michael R. Gardner said in In none of the papers is there any suggestion there was verbal or physical violence on the part of Sergeant Woodard. It's quite unclear what really happened.

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What did happen with certainty is the next morning when the sun came up, Sergeant Isaac Woodard was blind for life. Woodard stated in court that he beat him for saying "Yes" instead of "Yes, sir". In his court testimony, Woodard stated that he was punched in the eyes by police several times on the way to the jail, and later repeatedly jabbed in his eyes with a billy club.

The soldier requested medical assistance, but it took two more days for a doctor to be sent to him. Not knowing where he was and suffering from amnesia, Woodard ended up in a hospital in Aiken, South Carolinareceiving substandard medical care.

Sgt. Eloise Ann Russell (WAC in WWII)

Three weeks after he was reported missing by his relatives, Woodard was discovered in the hospital. Though his memory had begun to recover by that time, doctors found both eyes were damaged beyond repair. National outcry[ edit ] Though the case was not widely reported at first, it was soon covered extensively in major national newspapers.

He criticized the lack of action by the South Carolina government as intolerable and shameful. A month after the beating, calypso artist Lord Invader recorded an anti-racism song for his album Calypso at Midnight; it was entitled "God Made Us All", with the last line of the song directly referring to the incident.

He said that he wrote the song " Truman in the Oval Office to discuss the Woodard case.

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Gardner writes that when Truman "heard this story in the context of the state authorities of South Carolina doing nothing for seven months, he exploded. Clark demanding that action be taken to address South Carolina's reluctance to try the case.

Six days later, on September 26, Truman directed the United States Department of Justice to open an investigation in the case. A short investigation followed, and on October 2, Shull and several of his officers were indicted in U. District Court in Columbia, South Carolina.

It was within federal jurisdiction because the beating had occurred at a bus stop on federal property and at the time Woodard was in uniform of the armed services.

The case was presided over by Judge Julius Waties Waring. By all accounts, the trial was a travesty. Attorney charged with handling the case failed to interview anyone except the bus driver, a decision that Waring, a civil rights proponent, believed was a gross dereliction of duty.

Waring later wrote of being disgusted at the way the case was handled at the local level, commenting, "I was shocked by the hypocrisy of my government When the defense attorney began to shout racial epithets at Woodard, Waring stopped him immediately.

During the trial, the defense attorney stated to the all-white jury that "if you rule against Shull, then let this South Carolina secede again. After Woodard gave his account of the events, Shull firmly denied it. He claimed that Woodard had threatened him with a gun, and that Shull had used his nightclub to defend himself.

During this testimony, Shull admitted that he repeatedly struck Woodard in the eyes. On November 5, after thirty minutes of deliberation fifteen according to at least one news report [4]the jury found Shull not guilty on all charges, despite his admission that he had blinded Woodard.

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The courtroom broke into applause upon hearing the verdict. Shull was never punished, dying in Batesburg, South Carolina on December 27,at age Isaac Woodard moved north after the trial and lived in the New York City area for the rest of his life.Christianity considered as a slow, long-term injection of Jewish fiction into Europe, is new, at least to me: from this viewpoint, Christianity was a disaster, more or less comparable with modern-day effect of Jews as frauds, liars, and war-mongers, hating and trying to destroy Europe and rutadeltambor.coms, Popes and so on more or less correspond to 'politically correct' collaborators of Jews.

From the Late Founder and Editor Robert Parry: When we founded rutadeltambor.com in – as the first investigative news magazine based on the Internet – there was already a crisis building.

Oct 26,  · They were ordinary citizens, and over the years of to they were transformed into one of the world's most elite fighting forces fighting across the front lines of World War II Europe including the Normandy Invasion, Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge.

Aug 10,  · Does anyone have an idea for a question relating to the French Resistance during WWII or on why Stalin took power rather than .

Was the internment of Japanese during WWII justified? Hiba Was the USSR provoked into the “Cold War”? Abhinav What was the long-term impact of the cancellation of the Avro Arrow?

Aryan Social History Did women play a significant role in WWI? Lindita How significant was the military contribution of women in WWII? . Feb 28,  · I need a Topic for my historical investigation any TOPIC will be vaild it just needs to be between I will give all Points to the best answer Please make it a not common topic (NO WW1 or WW2) and also remember that i need sources but i will search for them i just need a good topic for my historical show more I need a Topic for my historical investigationStatus: Resolved.

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