How to write an email to a college lacrosse coach

As a high school student athlete, one of the first ways to get on the radar of a college coach in the recruiting process is by sending them a Letter of Interest — or, more aptly titled, an Introductory Email. The email serves as a starting point of your correspondence with that coach and school, while also highlighting your interest in the program.

How to write an email to a college lacrosse coach

What subject line is best when emailing college coaches? In talking about how to email college coaches, the subject line always comes up as one of the most critical pieces of the email.

Do you have a lightning fast yard dash time? Are you looking at an academic-focused school that will be impressed with your ACT score? Once you determine that, take a look at just a few examples of well-crafted subject lines: Think about what would be important to the coach.

Instead, do you have an interesting stat? Do you play a unique position?


Is your height and weight important for your sport and position? Keep your subject line to 50 characters or less. Coaches are on the go and probably read the majority of their emails on their phone. An extremely lengthy subject line will only get cut off, so you need to maximize the space you have.

Use numbers and stats in your subject line.

how to write an email to a college lacrosse coach

Think about your email like an inverted pyramid https: The next section is to give a little more information about yourself and to show the coach why you would be a good fit for their program.

Here is the key information you want to be sure to include when emailing college coaches: Name, graduation year, high school and club name Academics: Whatever you do, avoid sending mass, generic emails out to all the coaches you want to contact when emailing college coaches.

The coach will know if you took the time to personalize your email, and it will make a difference. How to start an email to a college coach Similar to your subject line, your opening needs to be attention-grabbing. There are numerous reasons you would be emailing a college coach.

Here are a few examples of ways to open an email: She told me about your coaching style and I believe that, based on your emphasis on work ethic and training, I would be a great fit for your program.

I wanted to connect with you because I think that I would be a great addition to your team. I would love to help bridge the gap left by those departing seniors. Instead, tease a few key stats that you think this coach would be interested in knowing.

Are you the ideal height and weight for your position?The Los Alamitos High School boys lacrosse program seeks a head coach for the junior varsity team. All inquiries should be directed to varsity head coach. TEAM Lacrosse Tryouts. TEAM LACROSSE. Our entire goal is to grow the game of lacrosse in Central PA and help the families and players get the well .

Writing a Subject Line for Your Emails to College Coaches

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