Interactive whiteboard writing a report

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Interactive whiteboard writing a report

interactive whiteboard writing a report

Digital learning has transformed the definition of conventional classroom teaching. The introduction of advanced learning methods with the help of interactive whiteboards IWBs has altered the means in which teaching is perceived, and has led to the creation of an operating system that provides an adaptive and user-friendly learning experience.

These boards are serving education, government, and corporate sectors in diverse applications, subsequently driving market growth. Presently, institutions are increasingly preparing students for employability across major industries such as automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare.

Most industries are deploying hardware systems such as interactive whiteboards to enhance teaching methodology. The main idea of using interactive boards is to deliver visual presentations on various subjects by actively engaging a group of people. This technology used in IWBs offers a better replacement for existing conventional whiteboards or traditional flip charts.

Moreover, it helps students gain experience in performing complex technical operations apart from acquiring skills such as communication and teamwork.

The growing trend of education gamification is expected to drive growth prospects for the interactive whiteboard writing a report over the coming years. Rising popularity and efforts from vendors have also helped in its penetration in corporate and government sectors.

Interactive whiteboards are increasingly being used in the education sector as they help teachers in demonstrating using alternative modes and make teaching easy by integrating quality materials lessons with images and graphs from the Internet. Technology Insights Infrared, resistive membrane, electromagnetic pen, and capacitive are key IWB technologies.

This technology can process contact from a pen, finger, or any other device, making it immensely popular among users. Further, these whiteboards are cost-effective in comparison to other technologies, which is another reason driving its adoption.

Capacitive boards have been showing a promising growth rate. Capacitive touchscreens have successfully found application in smartphones, tablets, and now interactive whiteboards.

This high technology penetration is ascribed to their durability, sensitivity, responsiveness, and ability to support multi-touch. The technology has proved to be better than resistive touchscreens as they provide better manipulation of content, thereby improving interactive environment.

Form Factor Insights Interactive whiteboards are available in fixed and portable designs. Fixed whiteboards are more user-friendly as they provide standard aspect ratios, which is familiar and compatible with most existing projectors and computer set-ups.

It does not require to upgrade any existing equipment. It has a robust construction with reliable and accurate finger-touch interactivity. Owing to such advantages, fixed IWBs are being increasingly deployed in recent years and the segment accounted for over Portable boards are suitable for instant presentations during business trips and small classroom studies.

It involves different gesture recognitions, such as writing, moving, zooming in and out, scrolling up and down, and erasing, with just the movement of fingers. This has rendered them popular among corporates as well as teachers that require to shuffle between more than one presentation room.

Projection Technique Insights Based on projection technique, the interactive whiteboards market is segmented into front and rear projection. Front projection technique accounted for close to A major disadvantage of these IWBs is that the presenter, standing in front of the screen, requires to extend his or her arm with or without a stylus to avoid casting a shadow.

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The rear projection segment is expected to exhibit the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Rear-projection locates emissive display or projector behind the whiteboard sensing surface to avoid occurrence of shadows.

This also reduces the problem that front-projection technique presents, of the presenter looking into the projector light while communicating with the audience. Application Insights The market is expected to witness healthy growth as an increasing number of end users understand the need for greater engagement as well as learning in classrooms as well as businesses.

The use of IWBs in the education sector was the highest in and accounted for a market revenue share of more than Technology has a long-standing history in improving classroom learning experiences.

For instance, with a modest beginning, overheard projectors and TVs have paved a way for newer technologies such as interactive whiteboards as well as flat panel displays.Evaluation of the Primary Schools Whiteboard Expansion Project interactive whiteboard, any negative effects from reduced group work may be negligible.

The interactive whiteboard acts as a multi-modal portal, giving teachers the Evaluation of the Primary Schools Whiteboard Expansion Project. Although the first interactive whiteboard was released in , only in the last several years have whiteboards become a must-have tool in K classrooms.

Teachers report that increased student engagement is the number one benefit to teaching with this tool. The technology allows teachers to integrate multiple information streams into a.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) in Thousand Units and US$ Million. The Global market is further analyzed by the following End-Use Segments: Education, and Others.

interactive whiteboard writing a report

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