Lebanon paper

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Lebanon paper

They attacked a patrol of two Israeli Humvees patrolling the border near Zar'it, using pre-positioned explosives and anti-tank missiles, killing three soldiers, injuring two, and capturing two soldiers First Sergeant Ehud Goldwasser and Sergeant First Class Eldad Regev.

A rescue force was immediately dispatched to the area, and confirmed that two soldiers were missing after 20 minutes. The tank hit a large land mine, killing its crew of four.

Another soldier was killed and two lightly injured by mortar fire as they attempted to recover the bodies. Samir Kuntar a Lebanese citizen captured during an attack inconvicted of murdering civilians and a police officer ; Nasim Nisr an Israeli-Lebanese citizen whom Israel tried and convicted for spying ; Yahya Skaf a Lebanese citizen whom Hezbollah claims was arrested in Israel; Israel states that he was killed in action ; [77] [78] Ali Faratan another Lebanese citizen whom Hezbollah claimed to be held in Israel, believed to have been shot at sea.

The only method, as I indicated, is that of indirect negotiations and a swap [of prisoners]". The targets consisted of bridges and roads in Lebanon, which were hit to prevent Hezbollah from transporting the abductees.

Prime Minister Olmert officially demanded that the Israel Defense Forces avoid civilian casualties whenever possible. Once it is inside Lebanon, everything is legitimate — not just southern Lebanon, not just the line of Hezbollah posts.

Dahiya doctrine Satellite photographs of the Haret Hreika Hezbollah -dominated neighborhood Dahieh district of southern Beirut, Lebanon, before and after 22 July The neighborhood is home to Hezbollah's headquarters. See also high resolution photographs before and A building in Ghaziehnear Sidonbombed by the Israeli Air Force IAF During the first day of the war the Israeli Air Force, artillery and navy conducted more than attacks mainly against Hezbollah bases in south Lebanon, among them the regional headquarters in Ya'tar.

Five bridges across the Litani and Zahrani rivers were also destroyed, reportedly to prevent Hezbollah from transferring the abducted soldiers to the north. Among the targets hit were the Hezbollah headquarters in the southern suburbs of Beirut as well as the offices and homes of the leadership, the compounds of al-Manar TV station and al-Nour radio station, and the runways and fuel depots of the Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut.

Also targeted were Hezbollah bases, weapons depots and outposts as well as bridges, roads and petrol stations in south Lebanon. Operation Density allegedly only took 34 minutes to carry out but was the result of six years of intelligence gathering and planning.

Between half and two-thirds of Hezbollah medium range rocket capability was estimated by the IDF to have been wiped out. According to Israeli journalists Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff the operation was "Israel's most impressive military action" and a "devastating blow for Hezbollah".

In the coming days IAF allegedly also attacked and destroyed a large proportion of Hezbollah's long range Zelzal-2 missiles. He dismissed the whole claim as an "absurdity" and a "tale". He admitted however that there was "persistent uncertainty" surrounding the "few known facts and figures" concerning the alleged attacks.

Lebanon paper

On the sixth anniversary of the Lebanon war Hezbollah chairman Hassan Nasrallah claimed that Hezbollah had known that the Israelis were collecting information on the rocket platforms and launchers and managed to move them without being detected.

Most of the locations attacked by the Israeli air force were therefore empty. The TV station was bombed 15 times during the war but never faltered after the first hiccup. According to the findings of the post-war military investigations the IDF shelling succeeded only in destroying about out of 12, Katyusha launchers.

The massive fire led to a severe shortage of ammunition towards the end of the war.

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By the fourth day of the war the IDF ran out of targets, as all the 83 targets on the list had already been hit. The statement was denied by the IDF spokesperson. Somemore homes were damaged. Structural damage of a residential building in Kiryat Shmona after being hit by a rocket On 16 July, eight employees of the Israel Railways were killed by direct rocket hits on the Haifa train depot.The summer of the quirky turkeys in downtown Lebanon was capped off with an award ceremony on Friday, Aug.

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