Of mice and men what u think happened in weed essay

And when one will mention that book to you or that poem to you that story to you, then this beautiful thing, indescribable, intangible, image which you have drawn out of all that comes into your mind.

Of mice and men what u think happened in weed essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The book was written by John Steinbeck, and the movie was directed by Gary Sinise also stars as George.

I will be comparing the movie and book, to see the differences and how effective they are. George and Lennie are men who travel around working at ranches.

George is the small, quick-witted one, and Lennie is the big, slow, dumb and extremely strong one. They have a dream, to have a little place all to themselves, without anyone bothering them.

The book starts with Lennie and George travelling towards the ranch, after the incident with Lennie and the girl in the red dress in Weed has already happened, but the movie starts with Lennie and George running away from other guys in Weed, who were chasing them because Lennie has scared the girl in the red dress.

Final Exam Review: Of Mice and Men

I think this is symbolic of the need to escape, which Lennie does. These are only spoken about in the book, and I think are actually put in the movie to create less dialogue and more action. Some scenes and details were also left out of the movie that were in the book. One example of this is when Lennie has the hallucinations about the giant rabbit and his Aunt Clara.

I think this was taken out because it was a very emotional and suspenseful scene, and it would have made it comical to put it in, which would have ruined the mood. Another example is how long it takes for George to shoot Lennie.

I think it was made shorter to add an element of surprise to the shooting, but by shortening this it makes it so that it lacks the suspense and emotion that was originally in the book, so I think they should have kept it in the movie.

Music is used very effectively in the movie, and was used in the right spots. During the work scenes, the music was medium paced, and happy. When George and Lennie were escaping from Weed, the music was faster paced, and suspenseful.

Silence was also very effective, especially after George had shot Lennie. It gave the effect of shock and sadness.

Another effective thing used in this movie is camera shots and angles. Close ups can be effective when the actor is silently thinking. I think both the book and the movie had their flaws. The book took a while to get into the story, but the movie lacked certain times of suspense or emotion.

Of mice and men what u think happened in weed essay

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7. Lennie delights in George’s story of their future – their goal. What is their goal? 8. We’ve met our two main characters.

Of mice and men what u think happened in weed essay

Why does Slim think George and Lennie’s friendship is so odd? 2. Hi, its 15degrees celcius in Ireland today this time last year the waterfall in town was frozen.

Whats a myth? The reduction of tangible reality from matter to form in successive steps of transformation, none of which resemble the former a.k.a, science, or . 7 Of Mice and Men ADVANCED PLACEMENT LITERATURE TEACHING UNIT UESTIONS FOR ESSAY AND DISCUSSION Questions for Essay and Discussion 1.

Make a list of the incidents that foreshadow the dangers coming to George and Lennie. George finds a kindred spirit in Slim.

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George feels comfortable in explaining Lenny's limitations to him. George wants to confide how and why he helps Lenny. George knows that Slim will understand.

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