Reaction paper about school foundation day

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Reaction paper about school foundation day

We are gathered here this morning to celebrate the Foundation Day of our school. What is Foundation Day? Based on the original meaning of the celebration, Foundation Day is a designated date chosen date on which celebrations mark the founding of a nation or state.

Institutions such as schools, like St.

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Why celebrate a Foundation Day? First, it gives us a sense of history. A school celebrates its foundation to reminisce and to honor its establishment. It was on June 1, that our school was granted permission to operate as St.

However, history goes beyond its chronological date. Hence, on this day, we are reminded of how the school was formed 80 years ago.

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Today, we reflect on the very early days of the school and how far we have come as a school community. And so, we present to Godour stories of joy, of sadness, and of painwith gratitudein this Eucharistic celebration. Second, Foundation Day gives us a sense of mission and purpose. Why should we set aside a time in the busy life of a school year to celebrate Foundation Day?

We celebrate so that we do not forget the vision of the people who established it, so that we make new again the vision which has inspired the School for the last 80 years.

It is a reminder that at its foundation, St. There were many who have given so much to the School over the years. Today is therefore about remembering and honoring all who have served to make the School the place it is today.


Third and last, Foundation Day is a day of remembrance, a day of honoring, a day to celebrate what has been achieved over the past 80 years, and a day to look forward to what is yet to come.

This day stands as a reminder to us that when we forget our history, we move into an uncertain future.

Reaction paper about school foundation day

Hence, our school has taken June 21 as the designated date for our Foundation Day. Her vision-mission is like a guiding star that leads usto where our school is heading.

Today is Foundation Day, a day etched with tradition and history. We remember, so that we do not forget. So it is, so it will be.deduction date following the date of the Out of School day. Snow days will be billed on reaction.

Reaction paper about school foundation day

Please give clear instructions in the event of an exposure of the factor:_____ Foundation website. A paper copy can be provided upon request.

"FOUNDATION DAY" Foundation Day Every year, schools celebrate their respective foundation days to commemorate the day when the school was founded or established.

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What is prayer essay ucf application. STC 81st FOUNDATION DAY MASS June 20, Good morning, Theresians! We are gathered here this morning to celebrate the Foundation Day of our school.

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