The important goal of being knowledgeable and educated

What is the advantage of having an education? Having an education will give you a better chance of getting a job that pays an above minimum wage. Formal education, together with a lot of work by the student can produce qualifications and credentials that will land you that promotion or management position. An education also improves you overall as a person.

The important goal of being knowledgeable and educated

This allows for much more aggressive treatment of Male children as early as one year of age that continues through adulthood. We accumulate these layers that take away real mental energy leaving less mental energy to think, learn, motivation to learn, and shortens reflection or think time.

For boys due to more aggressive treatment at two and three creates more real fear, anxiety, and shorter reflection time, for they have no earthly notion of why it is occurring.

While the higher average stress hurts their thinking and learning, this also creates more activity for stress relief not genetic.

The important goal of being knowledgeable and educated

This creates higher muscle tension that hurts handwriting. The much less social interaction along with much fewer developed communication skills for fear of coddling hurt both read and writing motivation — here we need both lower average stress and higher social vocabulary.

The important goal of being knowledgeable and educated

In addition, boys are given love and honor only on condition of some achievement, status, or power. Those boys not achieving are then given more discipline and ridicule to make them try harder. Support is not an option for fear of coddling.

Knowledge Base

This is working completely opposite of need in the information age. The belief boys should be strong and the false belief in genetics that denies any connection with differential treatment and lower academics, lower esteem, and other problems over-rides all good sense when it comes to raising boys today.

This is where the problems begin. I hope we can begin to tackle this very large elephant in the room. Then we will be able to create more knowledgeable and skillful boys in the information age.

We enjoy much more continuous care and support from infancy through adulthood and receive love and honor simply for being girls. This creates all of the good things: We are reaping a bonanza in the information age. The lower the socioeconomic bracket and time in that bracket the more amplified the differential treatment from a young age and increased and more differentiated over time.

Now with girls and women taking over many areas of society, we are enjoying even more lavishing of love and honor, while boys and men still treated to be tough are failing more and are being given even more ridicule and abuse by society and yes, also by girls and women. My learning theory and article on the Male Crisis will go to all on request or can be read from my home site at http: As a man i can assure u men in general hate being treated like girls, or cuddled or any emotional interactions that would hinder on their masculinity.

I was always treated with less verbal and emotional communication and i grew up to be a very smart individual and went on to be in honor role and became so good that i was force to enter the gifted classes of the top 30 kids in my high school.

I grew up in poverty with no emotional connection or verbal communication and abuse yet m intelligence is above many people who were raised with care and love and constant communication. As a child i would become furious when my mother would kiss me or cuddle me, to me it was disgusting and unmanly, young boys of every age hate it when they are cuddled they like to be free they like to go out and get hurt and do mischief and jump run ride bikes or anything that proves that they are really young men.

It is in our biology to be independent, to try and fail on our own or succeed on our own. I know that colleges are a hateful place for men and very hostile to my gender yet i still go. The only reason im going to college is because its the only way that i can get into my career, want to be a geneticist one day.

And there arent any other methods to become one but through college and an internship through college. There are many careers that men can do that have apprenticeship that dont require you to attend college, but the career im n love with requires me to have some type of college degree thats my luck i tell you.

I want to change that one day I want to create an apprenticeship for all the math and science careers for men that dont require you to do electives or force you to go to college. You just say what science career you want and you start your apprenticeship hands on and get you certified certificate from the apprenticeship institution and get a job right out the course.

Men dont go to college because we know that college is useless. The internet alone has all the answers we need, after all we live in the age of information and we all have it at our finger tips.

To summarize men dont need cuddling, or emotional connection or to be treated like some girl. We want to be in danger, we want to go out and be brave and break things and build things.

We want to get hurt and fight and be rough as rough as humanly possible.Find a doctor who understands MTHFR. The Physician Directory has a new home: What happened to the old listings?

To be listed in the Physician Directory, Dr. Lynch now requires all health professionals to complete training in MTHFR and clinical methylation through the . PREFACE. A life without spiritual sadhana is a dreary waste.A life with spiritual sadhana is wise living—a life that will lead to combination, the blending together, the harmonising, the combining of an active inner spiritual life with an active outer secular life, fulfilling of legitimate duties and obligations—unavoidable, inevitable actions—this combining of the.

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Their love helps me accomplish my goal of being educated because I know that they believe in my dreams. It is through the accomplishment of this goal that I am able to make education my most important goal right now.

Education began in prehistory, as adults trained the young in the knowledge and skills deemed necessary in their society. In pre-literate societies, this was achieved orally and through passed knowledge, values, and skills from one generation to the next. I wrote this post a year ago, but I wanted to share it again because I think it’s important that families understand the limitations of many high school counselors when it comes to sharing advice about critical college issues.

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