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Read section called Resume Gaffes and Resume Guidelines. Think about a thesis for the long report. These are two accidents out of fifty years of nuclear power plants. In the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster caused by an earthquake and tsunami, which really was not the fault of the plant and people, running it.

Write my essay todays news

A Growing Problem Essay Sample. The success of our schools performing its primary functions of teaching, educating, and socializing the young is predicted on regular school attendance. Truancy is rated among the major problems facing schools today Garry, Schools in some larger cities have reported absenteeism rates as high as 50 percent per day Allen-Meares, According to the Bilchik, truant students have the potential to lead a lifetime of unemployment, crime, and incarceration Garry, Truancy is often a symptom of a deeper problem.

Typically, students who become chronic truants and poor achievers are usually members of families of low socioeconomic status Allen-Meares, Students who are of a low socioeconomic status may inhibit a home environment that is less likely to be conductive for learning. There are many influences on truancy.

When students are not in the classroom, they are missing out write my essay todays news valuable learning time. When one-fourth of all students miss almost one day a week, there is a problem with poor achievement.

The absent student cannot learn effectively and the rest of the class will probably lose learning time when the teacher slows the pace to allow them to catch up. For many students, poor achievement is just the beginning of how truancy is impacting them.

Other implications of poor achieving truants include low self-esteem, confusion, resentment, and demoralization Allen-Meares, There are school social workers equipped to help teachers understand the environmental forces that impinge upon regular attendance in school Allen-Meares, Literature indicates that school social workers need to be saturating our youth in interventions to prevent truancy.

It would be beneficial for youth to experience interventions for truancy heavily in elementary school. High mobility is another factor to be linked to truancy and poor school achievement; frequent moves are much more prevalent in poor families Allen-Meares, Washington conducted a study with 56 inner-city high school students who had been classified as truants.

The purpose of this study was to examine the causes of truancy and categorize the reasons why students were motivated to be absent from school. Truants recognize their academic weaknesses, such as their underdeveloped reading, writing, and speaking skills, disinterest in present course content, and frequent fear of and experience of frustration and failure with difficult course work Washington, Absent students perceived their families to be less cohesive than the regular attendees, felt fewer acceptances by their parents, and their parental discipline was inconsistent and ineffective.

Other findings from the study suggest that absent students were less likely to perceive school experiences favorably, felt inferior academically, experienced family conflict, and were less likely to be socially competent in their relations in class.

Baer indicates that the transition from childhood to early adolescence consists of major changes in a number of psychosocial dimensions.

write my essay todays news

Pubertal timing and the degree of change such as the transition to junior high school bring a heightened potential for problems such as use of drugs and alcohol, the increase of school drop out, decline in academic motivation, and decreased interest in school generally.

During this time of change the student is in need of being supported by all those involved with them. The author discussed how students making the transition to junior high school could be complicated by the development changes taking place.

Children tend to spent more time at home than any other place. They also add that frequent relocation, performing domestic chores, and staying at home to resolve domestic conflicts contributes to truancy.

The social culture of school itself may put excessive stress on youth pushing them toward truancy. Cnaan and Seltzer discuss school characteristics as factors that contribute to truancy.

Teachers inadequately trained to meet the needs of truant children, and the use of expulsion and suspension are part of this social culture. Individual factors need to be looked at when addressing truancy. Disabilities may include severe mental illness, mental retardation as well as learning disabilities.

These issues are prevalent and growing within our schools. Other individual characteristics associated with truancy include school phobia, school failure and low self-esteem. Factors that contribute to truancy affect urban students differently than rural students, inner city students differently than suburban students, black students differently than white students, boys differently than girls, and elementary school students differently than secondary school students.HOME.

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essay about power ) When think about Nuclear power plants you think about the two disasters that happened in Japan and Chernobyl. These are two accidents out of fifty years of nuclear power.

write my essay todays news
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