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Xbox marketing

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However, some of these services are provided with a free membership to Xbox Live. If you are having trouble with Xbox Live, customer service is available to answer your call for help. Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience. Phone Contact Numbers Finding a contact number for Xbox Live is not the easiest thing a consumer can do.

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We searched through the Support section and the Contact Us section for a phone number customers could use to call for live support. Xbox marketing, we found the following: Xbox Live Customer Service: If you wish to talk with someone immediately about your problem — there are two chat options.

Mailing Address Xbox Live is a Microsoft product, so the mailing address for customer support is the main address for Microsoft headquarters. While the website is well laid out, the support options are less than stellar.

Contact Xbox Live Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

There is a good chance additional contact information for Xbox Live support is available to customers with an Xbox marketing Live log-in. Customer Service Email Xbox Live services offer a direct customer support email page for customers who have questions about the service.

The Xbox Live Email Support page asks customers to explain the problem so support can better handle the situation. We submitted a question to Xbox Live customer support about free trial length. We will see how long it takes customer service to respond.

Our Experience Our experience was not the best considering the we could not contact customer service through traditional measures. We did send communication through the Xbox Live email support page and still await a response to our questions. We suggest that customers utilize this method in order to contact a customer service representative.

The email inquiry sent to Xbox Live customer service resulted in a response from the customer service team within 24 hours. The response was not what we were looking for, but was helpful in answering our question. The representative also directed us to additional customer service contacts, see below: Fri, Mar 23, at 2: About Xbox Live To: Richard B Service Request Number: We understand that are requesting to have another Xbox live free trial.

You were unable to signed up for the free trial when you created an account. We can imagine how frustrating that must be. The day Gold trial membership provides temporary access to the features of an Xbox Live membership. You can register up to three accounts prior to the expiration of the trial period].

The option you requested is unavailable.

Xbox marketing

Thank you for visiting Xbox. If you should have future questions on Xbox products or services, please be sure to revisit our Web site as we are continually adding information to enhance our service. Thursday, March 22, 7: About Xbox Live Service: Xbox Live What type of problem do you have?

About Xbox Live Name: Richard Banks Is there any time when a customer can use a free trial more than once? I did not get a chance during my free trial to use any of the features and wanted to know if xBox Live offers extended free trials.

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Just enter your email and we'll take care of the rest. Thanks, day one updates, I didn’t want to play my games on release day anyway. Xbox is a video gaming brand created and owned by Microsoft of the United States. It represents a series of video game consoles developed by Microsoft, with three consoles released in the sixth, seventh and eighth generations, respectively.

The brand also represents applications (games), streaming services, and an online service by the name of Xbox brand was first introduced in the.

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The Xbox 's motion-sensing Kinect accessory in action. Joe Raedle / Getty Images. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced it had discontinued the USB adapter for the Kinect sensor, a pioneering motion.

Xbox marketing
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